Recently we had a chance to shoot with guys from StarBicycle team who showed us what crazy skills are required in order to become World Champions in radball.

I was just a kid but I remember it as if it happened yesterday. While crouching on the carpet on the floor of my granny’s flat, I was watching a cycle-ball match on TV. In the middle of the 80s’, it was one of the most popular sports in the communist Czechoslovakia. The reason was more than obvious – a small European country with not even 15 million people was represented by brothers Jan and Jindrich Pospisil who turned out to be almost invincible. During their career, the duo coming from the country’s second largest city Brno managed to steal 20 World Champion titles and became the real cycling heroes of my childhood. Although their achievements were mostly influenced by the fact that the game was played only in couple of European countries, it’s still a result that’s worth mentioning.

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